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Jorge Pinilla López,

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My name is Jorge Pinilla López. I came to Australia 2 and a half years ago for a mobility scholarship between the University of Zaragoza and the Australian National University (ANU). I was living in Canberra for a year and while I was studying, I also collaborated in the Spanish community of Canberra. After graduating from Computer Engineering and so far, I work as a systems engineer for SICE, a Spanish ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) company in Sydney. In addition, I work remotely as a researcher at the Advanced Information System Laboratory of the University of Zaragoz, where I am currently developing research on Big Data, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence specialized in agricultural and rural systems. As a researcher, I belong to the Association of Spanish Researchers in Australia-Pacific SRAP-IEAP and I currently hold the position of "IT Manager" supporting the technological infrastructure, management and of course disseminating quality science through talks and events.

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