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José Manuel Serrano Santos, Secretary

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I am a Burgos currently living in Brisbane, where I am a founding member (with others) of TASSCA, The Australian Spanish Socio-Cultural Association. Since the official incorporation of TASSCA, I have coordinated numerous cultural, social and community events such as Spanish markets, Kings parades, New Year's Eve party, sports programs and activities during confinement, aid programs for Spaniards with difficulties during the pandemic awaiting repatriation, etc. All this has been achieved through the creation of networks and relationships with consulates, embassy, local councils, and of course our Spanish community and other supporters in Australia. I am also the coordinator of the program in Spanish of Radio 4EB, a community radio with a team of 12 Spanish broadcasters that has increased its international audience significantly in the last 24 months, spreading to other countries such as Spain, the United States and Greece. I consider the formation of a CRE of great importance in our appointment, and equally important I believe in a CRE that is transparent, inclusive, accessible, contemporary and diverse in order to support, represent and prosper our current Spanish community.

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