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Consular Procedures Quick Guides

Every year between January and March, Spanish Social Security pensioners residing abroad must present an ORIGINAL proof of being alive

(known as Lifeproof ).


Spaniards residing abroad are obliged to register in the Consular Registration Registry corresponding to the demarcation in which they have their domicile. Registration will allow them to renew their documentation, prove that they are residents abroad and participate in the electoral processes that are convened in Spain, as well as request consular assistance in situations of need.

Spanish nationality of origin lost by acquisition of another nationality can be recovered at any time without the need to renounce Australian nationality.



Although it is not mandatory, it is advisable that you register in the Consular Registration Registry so that in the event of emergency programs being activated, the Consulate can contact all Spaniards in the consular demarcation.

The conservation of Spanish nationality is a personal declaration before the person in charge of the Consular Civil Registry of the domicile that prevents the loss of Spanish nationality.

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