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Resources for Spanish Citizens Abroad
and Returnees

In this section, you will find useful links and resources provided by the Directorate General of Spanish Citizenship Abroad and Return Policies. These resources are designed to support Spaniards residing abroad and those who are considering returning to Spain.

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Spanish Citizens Abroad Portal

The Spanish Citizens Abroad Portal  is a comprehensive platform that provides information on regulations, actions, representative bodies, guides, and magazines. It also allows residents abroad and returnees to access the forms and templates they need to carry out administrative procedures electronically.


Links of interest:


REvista Online Carta de Espana.png

Online Magazine "Carta de España"

The Carta de España magazine is a dedicated platform for Spanish citizens residing abroad, offering a captivating blend of articles, interviews, and reports that delve into the lives and experiences of Spanish expatriates worldwide. Through its engaging content, Carta de España serves as a bridge connecting Spanish citizens abroad with their homeland, fostering a sense of community and cultural connection.


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​General Council of Spanish Citizens Abroad 

The General Council of  Spanish  Citizens Abroad serves as a bridge between Spanish expatriates and their homeland, providing a platform for engagement, collaboration, and empowerment. Through its dedicated efforts, the Council ensures that Spanish citizens abroad remain an integral part of the Spanish community, their voices resonating across the globe..


Connect with Them:

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