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Maria Legaz,


My name is Maria Legaz, my father was Spanish and my mother Australian, I am married to a good Spanish boy (although he is not so young anymore ...). I have always worked as a Freelance; But since 2006 I have been one of the Directors and co-founder of the Spanish Community Care Association Inc. Our association is focused on serving the Spanish-speaking elderly, and given that it is one of my passions, this work brings me many satisfactions. Before the Covid we had a program every Friday at Ultimo Community Center, where 60-80 seniors met to enjoy company and our social events, all in their own language. One of our most important programs is to visit elderly people who are isolated mainly due to the language barrier at their homes and in residences and hospitals. Another work that we carry out in the Association, with our volunteers and support staff, is assistance with Institutions and with the Australian Government to qualify for the aid they are given because they are a high-risk group, since most of them do not speak English. of our members it would be very difficult to access this type of aid. That is why my wish is to continue assisting our Spanish seniors and to work from CRE to create a link between this community of residents and Spanish institutions; advising the Consul and his work team, transmitting our concerns and interests for this community and proposing measures to improve their care.

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