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Preguntas Frequentes

  • Do I have to register at the Consulate General of Spain when arriving in Australia?
    The answer is, YES. It is an obligation for all Spanish citizens to register in the country in which they are going to reside, temporarily or permanently, for a long or short-term stay when leaving Spanish territory. This is divided into: registration as a RESIDENT or as a NON-RESIDENT. Registering in Australia is very easy and can be done by post. You must send, in this case to the Consulate General of Spain in Sydney, to which your territorial demarcation belongs if you live in NT, QLD, NSW or the islands, the following information: 1. Registration as RESIDENT: stay in Australia lasting more than one year. Form for registration in the consular registration, ALTA residents. CERA Form, to be registered in the country where you reside and can vote from abroad. Photocopy of the valid Spanish passport. A proof of domicile. Photocopy of your VEVO. If you were not born in Spain, literal birth certificate. 2. Registration as NON-RESIDENT: stay in Australia lasting less than one year. Form for registration in the consular registration, ALTA non-residents. Photocopy of the valid Spanish passport. Photocopy of your VEVO. For more information consult the link on the website of the Consulate General of Spain in Sydney: http://www.exteriores. Services/tramitesSidney/Paginas/InscripcionConsular.aspx
  • I have lost Spanish nationality, can I recover it?"
    YES. The Spanish nationality at birth that has been lost by obtaining another nationality, such as Australian, can be recovered at any time without the need to renounce Australian nationality. The recovery of nationality can vary greatly between the different individual cases of each person, but in general terms the steps to follow would be: Contact the Consulate General of Spain in Sydney. Application form for recovery of Spanish nationality. Literal Spanish birth certificate with recent date. Certificate of Australian nationality. Valid Australian passport. Last Spanish passport. Australian driver's license or proof of your address. http://www Services/tramitesSidney/Paginas/Conservacion.aspx
  • Nací y vivo en Australia, pero tengo tambien la nacionalidad Española porque mis abuelos y mi madre son Españoles. ¿Tengo que hacer algún trámite cuando cumpla 18 años para conservar mi nacionalidad Española?
    Sí, entre los 18 y los 21 años tienes que hacer una declaración de conservación para no perder la nacionalidad española. Puedes consultar como realizar los trámites en la siguiente página del Consulado General de España en Sydney: Nacionalidad española - Conservación
  • Mi familia y yo hemos adquirido recientemente la nacionalidad Australiana.¿Tenemos que informar al Cosulado Español o hacer algún trámite para consevar la nacionalidad Española?
    Si quieres mantener la nacionalidad Española, debes realizar el trámite de conservación de la nacionalidad, dentro de los tres años siguientes a haber adquirido la nacionalidad Australiana, si no lo haces puedes perder la nacionaldad Española. Si tus hijos son menores de edad cuando habéis adquirido la nacionalidad Australiana, cuando cumplan los 18 años y antes de los 21 años, deben hacer el trámite de conservación de la nacionalidad en el consulado. Más información: Pérdida de la nacionalidad española Conservación Nacionalidad española
  • What procedures can be done at the Honorary Consulate?
    Honorary Consuls are people designated by the State who, without receiving any remuneration and on a completely voluntary basis, perform certain functions and offer their availability to provide assistance to Spanish citizens in carrying out certain procedures before the Consulate General of Spain. in Brisbane, so its capabilities are very limited. What can honorary consulates do? Provide consular assistance in case of serious emergency. Deliver travel documentation in person in case of emergency – Safe Conduct, always granted by the Consulate General. Certify documentation to process the application or renewal of the passport of minors under 12 years of age at the Consulate General. Certify identity documents requested by the Consulate General. Give information and support to the Spanish community. Give support to convicted prisoners of Spanish nationality. What can honorary consulates NOT do? Provide Civil Registry, notarial services or the referral of communications and requests to Spanish organizations. Issue passports in case of expiration, loss or theft of personal documentation. Issue a driver's license in case of expiration, loss or theft of personal documentation. Issue national identity document in case of expiration, loss or theft of personal documentation. Manage and grant visas, both to Spanish citizens and foreigners. Collect and manage official documentation sent from Spain. In any case, the actions of the Honorary Consuls are limited by the regulations that regulate each procedure and, logically, also by the geographical distance that, within their broad scope of action, may separate them in each specific case from the citizens to whom they are entitled. those who are going to provide assistance, and it is not expected that they must officially travel outside their locality or attend after hours, except in exceptional emergency situations.
  • Do I have to go to the Spanish EMBASSY in Australia to process my documentation?
    TheSpanish Embassy is located in the state of Capital Territory, more specifically in the capital of Australia, Canberra. But to process documents it is not necessary to go to the Embassy because in Australia we have two Consulates General in addition to the Embassy. 1. Consulate General of Spain in Sydney: For residents of New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), Northern Territory (NT), Papua New Guinea, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Nauru and Solomon Islands: Level 24, St. Martin’s Tower, 31 Market Street, Sydney - NSW 2000 Tel: (02) 9261.24.33 Fax: (02) 9283.16.95 Consular emergency telephone number: 0412 258 989​ (only EMERGENCIES) E-mail: Web: http://www. Services/tramitesSidney/Paginas/inicio.aspx 2. Consulate General of Spain in Melbourne: For residents of Victoria (VIC), South Australia (SA), Tasmania (TAS) and Western Australia (WA): 146 Elgin Street, Carlton - VIC 3053 Tel: (03) 9347.19.66 Fax: (03) 9347.73.30 Consular emergency telephone number: 0400 234 613​ (only EMERGENCIES)​ E-mail: Web: http://www.exteriores.gob. en/Consulates/Melbourne/es/Pages/home.aspx
  • Can anyone endorse and vote for CRE candidates?
    Yes, while that person: * has Spanish nationality, * is registered in the consulate and in the electoral roll (CERA of the Sydney Consulate in this case, more information here) prior to December 31, 2020 * And have a valid Spanish DNI or Passport as identification.
  • Is there a CRE in QLD, NSW and NT?”
    Not today. In the last elections in 2017, a CRE was not established in the Sydney constituency. But the CREs of Melbourne and Canberra were established, which include, between them, the territories of the States of Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and ACT. Luckily there are already several lists of candidates willing to form a CRE. They just need your support.
  • How can I help form a CRE?
    In two ways: 1. Endorsing the candidates and lists that become available starting in March 2021 for the next elections in May 2021. 2. Voting in the May elections by post or at polling stations in Brisbane, Sydney or Wollongong.
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